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Sunday, June 24 2012
Kudos to Jennifer in Boise, Idaho who just placed an order for copies of "The Search for Shannon" for her book club! Enjoy!

If your book club is interested in making one of my books your reading selection, Magnolia Publishing sells to book clubs at a 20% discount with vastly reduced shipping...

Books and Book Clubs
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Sunday, May 06 2012

Hi Readers!

Check out my new interview in Southern Writers Magazine! 

For complete online editions and subscription info, visit Southern Writers Magazine at

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Saturday, April 28 2012
Earlier today, I read a blog post on Southern Writer's Magazine website regarding numerous forms of rejection we face as authors and ways to use them to our advantage. When asked about rejections we had received and their outcome, I posted a reply, which I will share with you:

"I laminated and keep posted in my office an old rejection letter I came across totally panning the plot and characters in one of my books that now has many fans. I revisit it as a motivation aid -- a black-and-white reminder that criticism is subjective and negativity should never be taken to heart. What's most important as a writer is to believe in yourself, in your ability and in your work."

The book was "For Molly", whose many flaws, according to the Executive Editor rejecting it, included:

  1. "There is no external conflict plot in the book."
  2. "Ashley has too many friends that are brought in and out of the story in steady of focusing on the plot line." (although she did spell it "focussing")
  3. "This is not a traditional contemporary romance novel."  And my favorite:
  4. "There is no plot, no mystery, no intrigue, no love story. Unfortunately, this just isn't the kind of book that we can sell."

Luckily by the time I received this rejection letter, "For Molly" had already been released and was gaining a healthy following , otherwise I might have taken the criticism to heart, lost faith in my work and never allowed anyone to read it.

The point being: what a few "experts" deem unworthy does not mean it is necessarily so. Ignore negativity, keep faith in your endeavors, hold tight to your dreams and always, always believe in yourself in whatever you strive to do. 

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Tuesday, April 10 2012
 I know--I'm horrible about updating my own blog. I will TRY to do better!

In the meantime, check out my post as guest blogger on The RHOK (The Real Housewives of Oklahoma) And whiie you're there, check out other posts as well. What a great site, run by a great group of RHOK stars!

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Thursday, July 07 2011
 "For Molly" and "The Return" are now available on Kindle, joining "The Search for Shannon" and "Drink One to Me, Christian Bennett" with both paper and ebook editions. 

Don't have a Kindle? offers free Kindle apps available for IPhone, IPad, Mac, PC, along with many other devices. Makes reading on the sly easier than ever~~Enjoy!
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Tuesday, September 07 2010
 Big Kudos to everyone who participated in Magnolia Publishing's 1st Ever Reader Appreciation Book Giveaway! Hundreds of books went out to loyal readers--all autographed (Ouch! :) Thanks for all the love! Enjoy! :D
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Saturday, August 21 2010
 Can you believe it? Magnolia Publishing is giving away my books! :D
For the next two weeks, starting today and ending at midnight on Saturday, September 4, Magnolia Publishing Company is giving away copies of all my currently available titles. So, if you've been wanting to check out my books, now would be the perfect time! Be sure to let me know what you think if you do.

See Events page for details
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Thursday, August 12 2010
 Hello Friends and Readers!

And a big thanks to Josh for mentioning that it has been a while since I've updated my blog :D

Life has continued its busy pace. After finishing the "Christian Bennett" tour last fall, my attention quickly turned to the holidays and Mardi Gras, which for a mask maker can get a wee bit hectic. My mask business has exploded and in addition to the usual sales, this year I made 77 custom masks. Whew! And I have already created many, many new masks for the upcoming 2011 season.

However, along with filling prescriptions and making masks, I am also working diligently on my next three books, "The Other Brother," "Evie," and the sequel to "Drink One to Me, Christian Bennett." For those of you who have been waiting for YEARS for "The Other Brother," I promise, I am trying so hard to finish it--but it hasn't been easy because I am so excited about the other two that I have to scribble on them as well. Soon, friends! Soon :D 

Thanks for all your awesome comments and emails. I love hearing from you and appreciate all your feedback. 

Until next time...Warmest Wishes

Vicki Allen

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Sunday, November 15 2009

Well, the fall leg of the Chrisitan Bennett tour is officially over. My sincere thanks goes out to all who have so graciously hosted my signings, as well as to all the fans and readers who not only came out to see me, but also took a chance on another of my books. I sincerely enjoyed being with each of you, and appreciate your support more than I can express.

I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future, and will continue striving to give you the best work I can give. Your loyalty means the world...

Until then, my warmest regards,

Vicki Allen


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Thursday, November 12 2009

It's hard to believe that the "Christian Bennett" tour is drawing to a close. It has been a busy six months since "Christian" made his debut, and though a tad bit road weary, I have enjoyed every minute. How lucky I am to have such fabulous readers as well as have opportunities to meet them. My thanks to all who have so graciously hosted my signings, and to all those who came out to see me along the way.

The Final Three Signings are this weekend~~

Gulfport, Mississippi: Barnes and Noble, Saturday, November 14, 11am-1pm ***Watch for me on WLOX-TV's 4o'clock Show on Friday, November 13***

Harvey, LA: Barnes and Noble Westbank, Saturday, November 14, 3-5 PM

Slidell, LA : B. Dalton, Sunday, November 15, 2-4 PM

See Events page for further details on each.

Until next time,



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